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Sand Washing Plant


(coming soon)

Necessary for bricklaying, masonry work, stucco work, and recommended for filling the joints in and around paving stones.

Mixing high quality concrete requires the right type and size of sand which is provided by washed sand.

Washed sand can also be useful to loosen up the soil in gardens and flowerbeds.

Raw Sand Stockpile


Also known as fill dirt, this is ideal to use in construction purposes, such as filling holes or leveling a slope.

This sand has not been broken down or sifted in any way and may have roots, weeds, sticks and rocks in it.

It is not recommended for top soil in gardening purposes because it has virtually no organic matter in it. It can however be used to create a bottom layer or base for a new garden or landscape.

Mobile Sand Screen


This is made from the same soil as the unscreened sand but it goes through a sifting process to remove the debris.

It is used for paving bedding sand, filling around pipelines and in some cases as building sand.

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